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Elections, Acclamations & Appointments!!

Lay Director: Wayne Hatt
Spiritual Director:  Selinde Krayenhoff
Secretary: Marion White
Communications Director/Webmaster: Dorraine Baines
Pre-Cursillo Director: Julie Morgan
Post-Cursillo /4th Day: Daryth Patten
Palanca Director: Jennifer Lennox
CACS representative: Rev. Rob Hutchison
Retiring from Secretariat service this year are John Moran (formerly our Treasurer of many years), Barb Coleman (formerly Post-Cursillo/4th Day), and Louise Baines (formerly Communications Director) who has stepped down this year in order to serve as Rectora in the upcoming 2020 spring Cursillo weekend. Thank you for all you have done for Cursillo in the Diocese of BC and your years of service to the Cursillo community -- on and off Secretariat!
Remaining in service for at least one more year are our long-standing Lay Director, Wayne Hatt, Marion White (our Secretary), Jennifer Lennox (Palanca Director), and Julie Morgan (Pre-Cursillo Director). Your willingness to stand and serve on the Secretariat and help foster the spiritual community of Cursillo here in the Diocese of BC is greatly appreciated.


A number of portfolios remain vacant after elections at the AGM.
The Secretariat invites all Cursillistas to search their hearts and ask in prayer if this is the time to step forward and volunteer to be part of the Governance body that supports Cursillo in the Diocese of BC.

We are seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Treasurer (recommended 2 year term)
Post-Cursillo/4th Day (recommended 2 year term)
CACS lay representative (to assume duties @ Triennial Conference in 2021)

If you would like to let your name stand for any of these positions, or if you have any questions about the commitment involved, please RSVP before our next Secretariat meeting on Saturday, June 22nd.