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At the Grad Dinner, Saturday June 16, we celebrated Issy Sheridan and Andrei Napuaga, recipients of bursary's from the Keith Tucker Memorial Fund, for continuing their education after graduating from Senior High School.

 Isy Sheridan  Andrei Napuaga

 Issy Sheridan                                                        Andrei Napuaga


Gail Rodger and Isaac Rueda received bursary's from the Twining Memorial Fund to continue their education goals.  

Gail Rodger Isaac Rueda

 Gail Rodger                                                          Isaac Rueda

We also recognized past bursary recipients Carenza Stevens on completing her studies at the Canadian College of Performing Arts and Bryce Gunning on staring a Master of Biology degree.

Carenza Stevens  Carenza Stevens

Bryce Gunning
Bryce Gunning

Wonderful entertainment by Issy Sheridan and Carenza Stevens

isy Sheridan  Issy SheridanCarenza Stevens Carenza Stevens