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On July 15th the BC fire situation has worsened again. A few hours ago, authorities alerted all of the Williams Lake and area (some 24,000 people) to evacuate as fast as possible. They have barred off highway 97 north out of Williams Lake because the fires have jumped the highway. The latest map of BC fires can be viewed at, and at this time, the situation is serious (if you zoom in on the map, you'll see what I mean). Thankfully, authorities have been really on the ball all week, and I’m sure that all people have been forewarned and prepared for this eventuality.


May I draw your attention to a brief a brief story on the PWRDF site regarding acceptance of donations (at for this emergency - this may be updated further at by the time you read this. In any event, note that a special emergency fund has been established by PWRDF for this situation, and any donations may be submitted by credit card or on-line at the web site.


I would point out that all funds intended for emergency relief such as this go to the intended use, nothing is retained for administrative overhead. Also, that at home (in Canada), PWRDF always partners with our own dioceses and parishes to get the fastest response possible. In this situation, all parishes in the affected areas of central BC are on standby to assist as necessary.


Let us all direct our prayers that these people will be safe tonight,

Geoff Strong

     PWRDF Diocesan Representative (Vancouver Island)