Sunday School is offered each week during the 10:00 a.m. serivce (Sunday School is not offered during the summer).

Our Lord said, “Let the little children come unto me”.

 Every Sunday, children's programming will be available, on a drop in basis.  The program will build on previous weeks; however, every session will be a complete experience so previous sessions are not a prerequisite.  Children will return to the main church for communion time with the congregation.  

St. Andrew’s Children’s Ministry exists to partner with parents in nurturing the spiritual growth and development of our young children. With this purpose in mind, we offer spiritually nourishing and developmentally appropriate educational activities for all ages- from preschooler to elementary school-aged children. It is our goal to provide a clean, safe, and loving environment in which our children can learn and thrive.

Children are such a gift from our Maker.  They are more than welcomed; they are joyfully received at any of our services.  We delight in our children bringing their smiles, their exuberance and their happy little minds.  But many parents and grandparents find that the service that is most accessible for children is the Family Service.

 In the times when the children are in the service, there is a space at the back of nave (seating area) where their parents can join them as they can colour, play with some toys and occasionally listen to what is going on.  This is not a “squirm-free zone”- they are children and are expected to be children! 

  Come experience church that truly loves all of God’s children!    Also, have a look at the attached page to see about the St Andrew's Commulnity Childen's Choir!  It's another wonderful way our little ones minister to us!

St. Andrew's Children's Ministry

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