Lay Liturgical Assistant

Each Sunday at the 9 and the 10:30 o’clock services you will see someone assisting the priest in leading the service.  That person is the lay liturgical assistant- a lay person (not ordained) who has been trained in leading prayers and other parts of the liturgy.  St. Andrew’s feels it is important for our lay leaders to take significant roles in liturgy, so you will notice the lay liturgical assistant leads a great deal of the service up to the time the priest begins the prayers for the Eucharist (Holy Communion).  For some services, the lay liturgical assistant also leads the Prayers of the People.  At others, another person from the congregation will lead them.

Some of our lay liturgical assistants wear an alb (a white robe), while others wear “street clothes”.  The role of the lay liturgical assistant is to assist the priest in creating a sacred space in which our people worship.  It is a joy to be an integral part of that work.  Learning to take on this ministry is not difficult, and living into this calling is very rewarding. 

So, if you feel you might be interested in learning to be a lay liturgical assistant, please contct us using the information request form on the Ministry overrview page