Scripture Readers

 At St. Andrew’s our lessons (the Bible verses that are appointed for each week) are read by members of the congregation.  What is required for this role is clear reading voice, a willingness to prepare before the service by pre-reading the passage, and a desire to read aloud the Word (Bible verse) to the congregation.   Each week we read two “lessons”- usually one from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), and one from the Epistles in the New Testament. As well, we read a psalm responsively- so that the leader reads a part of the psalm, and the congregation responds with another part, or in unison.   Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we read from the Gospel. 

In the Anglican tradition, the verses that we read each week are set out in the Common Lectionary.  In our weekly bulletin you will find the listing of what verses are to be read this week, as well as a note about what verses will be read the following week. 

If you wish to become a reader, please contct us using the information request form on the Ministry overrview page